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Chatfield State Park: Explore Over 300 Bird Species Year-Round

An easy drive from Retreat at Park Meadows, you’ll find a scenic destination that’s surrounded by beautiful rolling foothills and an expansive reservoir. We’re talking about Chatfield State Park, and in the 1800s, it was a major thoroughfare into Pike Peak’s country.

The land was developed into the park in 1976, and it’s one of the best places in the area for year-round bird watching.

It’s home to more than three hundred species including:

Rough-legged Hawk

You’ll spot rough-legged hawks flying around the park during the winter months. They’re fairly large birds that display boldly patterned dark brown feathers and tails with a dark tip and pale base. Also, they’re one of the only American raptor species to have feathery legs all the way to the toes.

Golden Eagle

Known as one of the fastest raptors in North America, golden eagles are easily identified by their dark brown feathers and a golden sheen on the back of the head and neck. These birds are an impressive sight as they soar through the air, and they occasionally make whistled calls.

Mourning Warbler

Mourning warblers are small songbirds that have a gray hood, plain olive wings, and yellow underparts. To distract predators that get close to their nest, they pretend to have broken wings. Birdwatchers can listen for their distinctive “chirry, chirry, chirry, chorry, chorry,” call.

Chatfield State Park is just one of the outdoor destinations you’ll enjoy when you call our apartment community home. Please contact us to schedule a tour where you can see our amenities firsthand.

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