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Design a Home Office Space You’ll Love

As you work from home, you may need to design or update a home office space. Even if your apartment doesn’t have space for you to convert an entire room into a home office, setting aside a productive space is crucial. Without the structure of the office, it can be tempting to work from home in bed or slumped on the couch, but this won’t help your productivity or your back! Additionally, freshening up your surroundings can help your mood, and home decor projects are a fun way to spend your time. Use these tips to create a space that motivates and inspires you!

The Basics

Find a space where you can set up your workstation on a desk or table with a comfortable (but not too comfy) chair. This can be near a window, if the outdoor world isn’t too distracting to you, or a comfy corner. Set up your computer monitor at eye level to reduce neck pain, but make sure the keyboard is still easily in reach to prevent unnecessary wrist injuries. This can be done by either placing the monitor on a stand on a low table or by installing a keyboard tray. If you’re using a laptop, try to resist the tendency to balance it on your lap, as this will cause neck and shoulder pain and may overheat the laptop.

Desk Must-Haves

Where productivity is concerned, organization is key! Separate your workstation from the rest of the apartment, but make sure to keep the space tidy to reduce frustration. Contain your pens and pencils in a pretty mug or cup from your kitchen. Wrap open-top cardboard boxes in scrapbook or wrapping paper and keep your stacks of important documents inside. Hang a whiteboard or chalkboard above your desk with deadlines and daily to-do lists to keep your life on track.


You don’t want to clutter your desk, but a soothing decoration like a houseplant, sand relaxation garden, or fountain easily elevates the space. A fun DIY project is making a photo collage for your desk. Find pictures of friends and family, order prints delivered, and arrange a collection of memories of the fun times you’ve had together. This project will occupy your free time and is sure to brighten your day at work.

No matter what your job is, you’re sure to enjoy it more in an organized, intentional home office space. Impress yourself with decoration and DIY skills that reward you during every work-day. Also, make sure to post some pictures on social media to motivate yourself and your friends, or throw a virtual crafting party!

Let our office know if we can help you in any way to make your apartment dreams come true! You can also browse our blog for more fun ideas.

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