glasses of beeer being poured at the Grist Brewing Company

Grist Brewing Company: Craft Brewery Just a Short Walk Away

There has been a craft beer explosion all over the country, and Lone Tree is no exception! Grist Brewing Company chose Lone Tree when they opened their second tap room.

Grist Brewing Company began in 2013 when four friends decided it was time to take the brewery out of the garage. And boy will you be happy that they did!

The Atmosphere at Grist Brewing Company

The centerpiece of Grist’s taproom is the gigantic oval-shaped bar that provides a great view of the polished silver beer equipment. The exposed rafters and piping not only give the area a spacious feeling, but also make you feel like you’re actually in a brewery, not just a bar.

One windowed wall is a garage door that you’ll find open on beautiful warm days. The industrial feel is completed with concrete floors and metal highlights spread throughout the décor. You’ll also notice the warm undertones of wood and leather mixed into this industrial wonderland.

You will not suffer for seating options at Grist Brewing Company. Sit in tall chairs at the bar or at tables. Choose a table with soft cushioned bar stools, sit in a regular chair at a regular table, or sink into one of the eight large brown leather armchairs.

If you manage to pull yourself out of one of those comfy chairs, you can also head upstairs to a lovely outdoor deck. Whether you’re checking out the taproom alone or with friends, there are plenty of seating options.

The Beer at Grist Brewing Company

Enough with the décor. Sure, ambiance is great, but you don’t go to a taproom for a comfy chair, you go for the beer! Don’t worry—Grist’s offerings are more than suds and sorrows.

Grist Brewing Company divides their beers into three categories: science, creative, and experimental.

The science beers have perfect recipes so that the flavor profile is the same every time you imbibe the beer’s chilly goodness. The creative beers are small batch and, just as the name suggests, made with a freedom and liberty so no two batches are exactly alike. The final, experimental category is just that. It’s the hey-we-thought-this-would-be-cool-you-should-try-it beer, a category they started at the Lone Tree location that they affectionately named The Lab.

Without spoiling the fun of investigating new beers, you should try the Window Tour Hefeweizen, especially on a warm sunny day. For the hop-heads out there, the Penny Lane Double IPA, sitting at a whopping 8.9% ABV, is a must.

The Retreat at Park Meadows is less than a mile away from Grist Brewing Company, making it just a short drive (or walk!) for those fortunate enough to call it home. Contact us to discover what our community has to offer.

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