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Step Back in Time at the Littleton Museum Near Lone Tree

For an exciting journey back in time, head to the Littleton Museum. It offers a unique link between Littleton’s past and present, and best of all, general admission is free. Here is some of what the museum features near our Lone Tree apartments:

1860s Living History Farm

The 1860s living history farm highlights what a pioneer homestead looked like during Littleton’s settlement period. Other buildings on the site include a root cellar, a sheep pen (once an early settler’s cabin), and a reconstructed barn. You’ll also see oxen named Fritz and Ford, and other animals useful to Colorado’s 19th century farmers.

1890s Living History Farm

Found on the museum’s north side, the 1890s living history farm originally stood less than a mile away. It features a different style than the 1860s farm, and with the advances in transportation and technology, it appears more advanced. The other buildings on the 1890s farm are reconstructions. They represent the typical structures used by the average farming family during this era.

1903 Blacksmith Shop

A reconstruction, the 1903 blacksmith shop is set in the year electricity came to Littleton. Blacksmiths played an important role in farming communities. They made horseshoes, nails, axes, and much more. At the museum, volunteer blacksmiths demonstrate the tools and equipment of the time.

History Gallery

Finally, head inside to explore the History Gallery. It showcases the places, people, and events that helped shape Littleton from the 1860s through the present day. The display includes historic pictures, unique objects, and pieces that bring the city’s dairy days to life.

After visiting the Littleton Museum, enjoy some sliders at a nearby restaurant. If you would like to call Retreat at Park Meadows home, please contact us. Our team will help you discover everything our apartments in Lone Tree have to offer.



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