a group of friends tasting beer at one of the festivals near Lone Tree

Upcoming September Celebrations and Festivals Near Lone Tree

Fall is approaching quickly, which means there will be plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy some outdoor festivals near Lone Tree. In fact, here are three upcoming events this September just south of Denver. These festivals near Lone Tree celebrate food, wine, beer, and community. Colorado Symphony: Celebrating Bernstein’s 100th Anniversary Head up to South […]

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a person ice skating

Glide Around the Ice at a Nearby Rink

Ice skating is a fun activity that’s great for your heart and lungs. This aerobic exercise can also help you feel more alert and energetic, and according to the Harvard Medical School, you may burn more than two hundred calories for every thirty minutes you’re on the ice. When you are ready to lace up a pair […]

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pouring beer at oktoberfest

Check Out The Best Oktoberfest in the United States

An easy drive from Retreat at Park Meadows is the best Oktoberfest celebration in the United States. It takes place in Denver, and it’s also one of the country’s biggest and longest running traditions. The event draws more than 350,000 visitors every year, and it began in 1969. That’s when Fred and Hertha Thomas honored their favorite […]

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