Spectacled Flying-fox (Pteropus conspicilatus)

Explore the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History from Home

Featuring an impressive collection of over four million objects, the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History boasts the largest collection of its type in the Rocky Mountains. Founded in 1902, it strives to “contribute to the knowledge of the natural world and human history through research and public education.” Today, the museum can be explored from home through its fascinating online exhibits. Here is a sample of what you can discover from our Lone Tree apartments:

Snakes of Colorado

Believe it or not, Colorado is home to 29 snake species. They’re found in varying habitats across the state and play a key role in their ecosystems. One of the snakes the tour highlights is the western hognose species. It’s known for playing dead by rolling onto its back and releasing a musk odor. These snakes feature an upturned snout and keeled scales, making them rough to the touch.

Hungry Birds

Hungry Birds tells the story of Colorado’s feathery friends through the lens of David Leatherman. Studying bird food habitats has been a passion of David’s for years. He retired from the Colorado State Forest Service and plans to write a book. His images include rose-breasted grosbeaks, yellow-rumped warblers, and brown creepers.


“Making important contributions to the natural world,” bats are complex animals that can help scientists understand language evolution. The Bats exhibition highlights how researchers from the NeuroEcology Lab at Tel Aviv University study their vocalizations. They look at the context of the call, the behavioral response to the call, and more.

After your tour through the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, explore the best hiking trails in Lone Tree. You’ll spot native plants and maybe even some creatures from the Hungry Birds exhibit.┬áTo call Retreat at Park Meadows home, please contact us. Our leasing agents will schedule a virtual showing so you can discover everything that our apartments in Lone Tree have to offer.

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