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Visit Monk and Mongoose for a Gourmet Coffee Experience

When you live in wonderful Lone Tree, Colorado and love coffee, there is one coffee house you can’t miss out on! Monk and Mongoose on Ridgegate Parkway is serving up some amazing caffeine and some intriguing principles!

Experience. Education. Excellence.

Walking into Monk and Mongoose is like opening a door into a sleek, contemporary world of high-end coffee! The decor is simple and striking, while the people are friendly and welcoming. It is the perfect spot for an afternoon pick-me-up or for that morning cup o’Joe!

What makes this coffee shop unique is its dedication to three principles: experience, education, and excellence. Most businesses that serve espresso are just focused on getting customers a drink, but Monk and Mongoose makes the world of coffee an important experience for staff and customers. In regards to experience, Monk and Mongoose want you to have the best, most rewarding visit to their shop. They accomplish this with their helpful staff and creative interior. In excellence they partner with local and global leaders; getting their coffee from ethically sourced harvests around the world and using coffees that are in season. For education purposes, Monk and Mongoose is passionate about helping give knowledge to their customers on all things coffee related. Any questions you might have can be answered by their trained baristas.

Premium, high-end coffee is what Monk and Mongoose is all about. Because of this, they serve up some of the best coffee in the state of Colorado. Be sure to check out their shop and experience the difference for yourself! For more information on the area, or to find your new home at The Retreat at Park Meadows, contact us and we would love to assist you!

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