Visit The Denver Museum Of Nature & Science

Residents of Retreat at Park Meadows can enjoy a day at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. According to the museum’s website, its story began in 1868, when Edwin Carter moved into a tiny cabin in Breckenridge to pursue his passion: the scientific study of the birds and mammals of the Rocky Mountains. He assembled one of the most complete collections of Colorado fauna found in existence and twenty-four years later, some of Denver’s most well-known citizens became interested in the collection. Carter sold it to them and they added an impressive collection of butterflies and moths, as well as crystallized gold, to establish the Colorado Museum of Natural History that opened in 1908. By the time the museum celebrated their 50th anniversary, it had a new name: the Denver Museum of Natural History. Today, there is much to see and do including:

Egyptian Mummies – This unique exhibit allows visitors to discover what lies beneath the linen wrappings of two women and learn how ancient practices have preserved these human remains through the centuries.

Prehistoric Journey – The Prehistoric Journey exhibit will take you back in time as much as 3.5 billion years and you will trace the evolution of life on Earth, from single-celled microorganisms to lumbering dinosaurs to the inhabitants of the world we know today.

North American Cultures – Native American groups have incredible diversity and the museum’s website states that “we are all different, we are all the same,” is the thread running through this exhibition hall. The display showcases an Eskimo snow house, pottery, a Cheyenne teepee, and so much more.

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