bull snake in the grass | Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Near Lone Tree

Learn About Animals at a National Wildlife Refuge Near Lone Tree

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn about wildlife, head to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge near Lone Tree. It offers an escape from the city, and best of all, admission is free! Here are some of the animals you can discover at this fascinating park near our Lone Tree apartments.

1. Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

A popular resident of the park, black-tailed prairie dogs are charming animals with tan fur, white undersides, and a sparse amount of black hair covering their tail tips. These social animals live in colonies, communicate using a range of sounds, and build their burrows close together. In the wild, the lifespan is about five years for males and up to eight years for females.

2. Northern Shoveler

Easily recognized by their shovel-shaped beaks (hence the name), northern shovelers are medium-sized ducks that are fun to watch while they swim in water or waddle on land. They typically forage in coastal marshes, flooded fields, and sewage lagoons. Northern shovelers filter seeds and aquatic invertebrates out of the water. You’ll often find them head-down in the water as they look for food.

3. Chorus Frog

Found around the wetlands, chorus frogs are known for their trilling call, a slow sound that lasts for a second or two. Chorus frogs grow to one to two inches in length, and they are brown to brownish-gray with three black stripes covering their bodies.

4. Bull Snake

Large and nonvenomous, bull snakes are one of the longest snakes in the United States. They average between four and five feet in length, but they can grow up to eight feet. These snakes live in prairies and grasslands, and they make a unique buzzing sound when threatened.

After a fun-filled day at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge near Lone Tree, stop by a local restaurant for some sliders and a side of fries. To become a resident of Retreat at Park Meadows, please contact us. Our leasing team would love to show you firsthand everything our apartments in Lone Tree have to offer.

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